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For me, Architecture should evoke what is unseen by using what is seen. In other words, architecture must contain the spiritual ideal in the physical world. I’m interested in new technology and mechanism based on science and art. These relatively new tools or methods suggest a shift toward a programmable production. That sidesteps many of the costly limitations of mass production and will open many opportunities for new voices to emerge in Architecture, Art, Craft, and Design.
  My work is...   I wish...  
  -A world between chaos and order
-A dialogue between the real and the imaginary
-An experience between the visual and the invisible
-A search for minimal architectural elements that create a sense of infinity.These elements hold a tremendous energy— not through human interaction or artificial movement, but through a sense of potentiality.
  -To work with the “natural breath” found in materials—
their physical essence.
-To evoke the space that existed before the human experiment— a pure space that has always been
-To engage invisible and immaterial elements such as wind, echo, aura, energy and sound
-Jihyun Lee, President
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