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Q. What kind of things do you like?
A. I like textiles, hemp, cotton etc. so much that I collect samples of them. I also like advertising sections in magazines, because they emphasize the beauty of work. Also, I like flower arrangements, a good working pen, and drawing books.
Q. What is your theory of value in your life?
A. Follow the principle rules.
Q. What made you want to become a Designer?
A. My mother encouraged me to be a “working woman”.
Q. Who is the most influential person in your life?
A. My loving husband, Sung-nyoum Rhu, who always stands by me and gives me strength, and my loving friend, Seung-ene, who’s in heaven now. Every morning on my way to work, I promise myself that I’ll work hard including Seng-ene’s share. I’ll take this chance to promise myself in print that I’ll found a Public Exhibit or a Scholarship in her name in the future.
Q. As a Designer and Head of a company, is there anything you would like to accomplish?
A. As a Designer, I’ve set my own rules to follow when I am working on a project. These are my four rules. 1st, follow the principle rules. 2nd, make the most detailed plan possible. 3rd, add a touch of excitement. 4th, try to help clients to understand and to convince them about the concept of Fee for Design and always try hard to follow those rules. As Head of a company, I try to build an environment where employees can recognize each other’s work. I believe an environment, which does not recognize the importance of interior design creates a fracture between Designers. I would like all my employees to spread their wings through my company.
Story & Interview by Mia Park, Reporter, miapark@design.co.kr
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