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Taking a Serious View of Principal Rules: LEE, Ji-Hyun, Interior Designer
Mr. Loong, the owner of a newly opened Chinese restaurant near the Apkujung-dong subway station in May, 1999, was a topic of conversation with his restaurant’s extraordinary interior design which broke an existing image of Chinese restaurants. Jihyun Lee, age 29, is the one who was in charge of designing the restaurant’s interior. It is no exaggeration to say that her outstanding work is a product of the immense amount of effort she puts into her projects. When you are talking about the interior design world, usually you are only able to begin to develop your own work style when you reach a certain age, which is not so in many other professions. Recently, she put her heart and soul into projects for Hansol M.com, Delta Office, the Shinyoung VIP room, offices at Seoul Amresco Company, and many others.
Q. How would you define designers?
A. People who create new shapes of action; Human behavior.
Q. How do you process your projects?
A. I think Interior Designers should find a certain connection between the architecture’s early intention and the people who are living there. I take a look at the shape of the building, then start my work with thoughts of, why those lines including shapes of walls and ceilings, are made? Interior Design is compound work. Therefore, the early stages of work are very important. I believe in the importance of research. After my research, I start to imagine what can I put in there based on the requests and needs of the people who are going to use that space.
Q. Your favorite materials?
A. A variety of glass and metal selections. These two materials seem cold but they are not. They tend to add order in a space.
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